Snowfield Squad

The Snowfield Squad are the voice of the school.  Each tutor group nominates two students to be part of our student voice/council.  This is a really prestigious role and the students are such an important part of what happens in the school.  They help make decisions about where the school is going and about policies that impact them.  For example, students recently took part in a working group to discuss ways we can celebrate students in everyday lessons – they had some amazing ideas which were then rolled out across the school. Students from the Squad are also often asked to take part in staff interviews and ask potential teachers questions and then provide feedback.

Snowfield Squad also helps to decide on which charities the school is going to support and how we can raise money for them.  This year we have raised money for Cancer Research, Red Nose Day and Demelza House.  They are also a large part of event organising, they are helping to share ideas about how we can celebrate Neurodiversity Week and other events we can run throughout the year.  

The Squad also leads Wednesday Wellbeing sessions where our core value is: Communication. Each tutor groups squad members will present a preplanned question and ask the class to discuss this – these questions will be based on a full range of topics, such as World Affairs, Social Media and even questions about the school canteen or clubs run at lunchtime.  

The Snowfield Squad is an important part and we are very proud of it and them!

A close-up image of a 'Snowfield Squad' badge on a blazer
A teacher and group of students talking around a large table