Digital Strategy and Chromebooks

Digital Strategy

At Snowfields, technology will not replace traditional teaching methodologies but instead will augment,  and elevate the way that new content and skills are delivered, providing a rich and diverse learning experience for our students. Technology will both bring the world into the classroom and transport students to any aspect of the globe they wish to explore; students of Snowfields Academy will leave us as global citizens already feeling they have travelled the world. 

It is the vision of both the academy, and Leigh Academies Trust, to possess a Digital Levels score of 4 by 2025 with technology not being used for technology’s sake but being implemented in lessons through a meticulously planned approach to ensure its use is highly pertinent, varied and creative.

Technology use will enhance the learning and progress students make as they journey through the curriculum, supplementing their learning with development of their digital skills and digital literacy.


Every student will receive their own Chromebook device which is loaned by the Trust in agreement with Parents / Carers when they join the Academy. The use of 1:1 devices in and beyond lessons is a key part of our Digital Strategy and is the gateway to the wealth of experiences and information available to students within and beyond their community. 

Parents/carers are required to sign a Loan Agreement Form. Students will also be required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy when they first use their devices in the Academy. Chromebooks will be left at the academy at all times, unless special arrangements have been made with the academy’s senior leadership team.

Chromebooks can support students to learn in a multitude of ways, but do not replace traditional writing in books and will not be used every lesson. As an Academy we are aware of protecting students, and staff, from excessive screen time and encourage you to ensure students do not spend a significant proportion of their evening time using devices. For further guidance on how to use Chromebooks, please visit the LAT Chromebooks Website.