Academy Life

The School Day

The structure of every learner’s school day is designed to maximise learning as well as to provide opportunities to develop social skills and support wellbeing. The school day begins at 9.30 am and concludes at 3.45 pm. There is a 15 minute morning break and 45 minutes for lunch. This allows for five hours of learning time on a daily basis, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Each Wednesday, students home at 2.00pm to provide time for high-quality training and continuing professional development (CPD) to be delivered to all staff. This is a common and highly successful feature of other LAT secondary academies.

Student Wellbeing

At Snowfields Academy we understand the complex needs of those who present with ASD, and that our learners may need to access support relating to their mental health and wellbeing. We realise that difficulties with anxiety and depression can be as debilitating as the core social and communication difficulties that some of our learners may struggle with, and therefore we work with Educational Psychologists, CAMHS and other expert professionals to support every student. Training in the management and support of those with mental health difficulties is provided to all staff at Snowfields.

School Uniform

School uniform has been designed to meet the needs of our students and is smart and easy to wear.

For students from years 7-11:

black blazer with the school logo on the breast pocket, together with either black trousers or a skirtWhite shirts will be worn by boys together with a school tieGirls will wear white open necked blouses. School shoes will be black. For the few students who may have sensory needs which mean the standard uniform is not suitable for them, a white polo shirt with the school logo will be available.

Exceptional needs for the few individuals which fall outside of these requirements should be discussed with school senior leaders.

Female student using a computer