Student Wellbeing

At Snowfields Academy we understand the complex needs of those who present with ASD, and that our learners may need to access support relating to their mental health and wellbeing. We realise that difficulties with anxiety and depression can be as debilitating as the core social and communication difficulties that some of our learners may struggle with, and therefore we work with LAT Educational Psychologists, CAMHS and other expert professionals to support every student. Training in the management and support of those with mental health difficulties is provided to all staff at Snowfields, and students and their families will be able to access additional support in the form of Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA), who will be available onsite at all times.

For help and information please visit:

Kooth Logo

Snowfields Academy encourages students to access Kooth – a free online service offering emotional and mental health support for children and young people. Kooth offers counselling, activities and forums for students to express themselves on a platform that is safeguarded by a team of professionals. Regular parents and caregivers webinars are available for further information.

Smart School Councils community logo

Is the platform that we use to encourage student voice and the Snowfields Squad (our school council) meet regularly to discuss and plan different actions. Our membership with Smart School Councils allows students to hold weekly class meetings with their peers to debate relevant topics and come up with ideas for new project to better the school and the local community.

Dekko comics logo

Founded by Rossie Stone in Scotland, Dekko create comic books to support students who are under the neurodiverse umbrella. Rossie was diagnosed with Dyslexia and has first hand experience of turning difficult content into something creative and how this can change your experience with your learning. Dekko run workshops to encourage students to use drawing and other talents to engage with their learning.

An image of Loop earplugs

Loop ear plugs are discreet ear defenders that fit in the ear to reduce the volume in noisier environments. Many of our students have enjoyed using the Loop Quiet range to support their sensory regulation in the classroom environment.