Year 7 and COVID-19 Catch-Up Funding Premium 2020-21

Predicted Allocation: COVID-19 Catch-Up Funding £14,418 + £6,000 Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Total: £20,418

Identified NeedInterventionAllocated/SpentAction and Expected ImpactImpact (to be completed July 2021)
Improve the Well Being and Mental Health of studentsCommission 1 x day per week from T3 of a trained counsellor who is experienced at working with students with ASD £9000Students for whom their well being and mental health has been impacted by COVID-19 and subsequent absence form school will be supported. The counsellor can work with groups of 5 students at any one time for a bespoke 12 week programme
Reduce barriers to learning such as behaviour and behaviours which put students at risk following COVID-19 and the impact of lockdown and school closuresPurchase Online programme Behaviour Watch to track students’ behaviour, serious incidents and safeguarding £6000 towards costsOur Behaviour Lead can monitor and track incidents which are barriers to learning for our students. We will be able to track trends and support staff to reduce these barriers to learning.
Improve access to digital learning1:1 Chromebooks provided to all students with no charge to families£1346 contribution to Chromebook schemeAll students will be access online learning as part of the blended curriculum offer at Snowfields Academy
Improve coordination and social skillsConcrete table tennis table

Basketball nets

Outdoor football goals
£4000All students will have the opportunity to improve their social skills through play